Trinity International College

Admission Process

Admission Process

Admission to +2 at Trinity is highly competitive. As a rule, the best students of the nation apply and they need to go through a fair and transparent but rigorous and revealing selection process.

Application Forms

Application forms for admission and exam entry are available at the Trinity office and also online at Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with all supporting documents by the given deadline.


Entrance Test

Getting through this Test is mandatory for admission. The Entrance Test appropriately assesses the examinee in areas related to the choice of course – Science, Management, or Humanities. We suggest student Applicants collect Sample Test Papers along with their Application forms in order to prepare themselves for this competitive exam.



The results of the Entrance Test are strictly based on the order of merit and normally declared the very next day of the Test. The names of the selected student Applicants are pasted on the College Notice Board and also posted on the College website:



Student Applicants who have cleared the Entrance Test are interviewed thereafter. The date and time of the interview is mentioned in the Entrance Test Results sheet. It should be kept in mind by the Applicants that they ought to be accompanied by their parents or guardians when they come for their interviews. Moreover, Applicants must bring all the required documents.


Offer of Admission & Acceptance

Selected Applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission with or without offers of Scholarships. They need to submit their acceptance within the stipulated period to get admitted.



Once the College receives a letter of acceptance from the Applicant, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees. Successful Applicants shall be enrolled as bona fide Trinity students on the completion of this process!


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