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Trinity Clubs

Students’ Club
Trinity Student Club is the parent club of all the clubs in the College. This Club helps all the other clubs to conduct tasks and helps them to grow together. The Club organizes formal events and activities beyond the educational curriculum. The Club also allows students to develop their leadership capacity and provide an opportunity to expand their professional networks.


  • To assist the College management in organizing orientation, graduation, annual day, felicitation program, talks, farewell programs, seminars, and workshops as well as other formal activities
  • To publish the Annual Magazine, wall papers, periodicals, and other publications under a separate publication committee within this Club
  • To conduct other activities according to need in collaboration with the management
  • To promote knowledge and to secure resources for Trinity students

Art & Literature Society
The Arts & Literature Society has the mandate of organizing co-curricular activities and events, which are beneficial in terms of providing a platform to students to showcase their literary talents and actual performance. The Society encourages students to produce & display wide-ranging art work including drawings, paintings, pottery, short stories, and poetry. Such activities are central to nurturing a well-rounded personality by enabling them to express themselves in front of their fellow students and faculty members.

  • To support and further arts, crafts, and literature
  • To organize art competitions
  • To arrange art and crafts exhibitions
  • To look for and identify artistic talent

Sci-Tech Guild
The Sci-&-Tech Club is where students interested in science and technology learns all about science: from medicine to chemistry to physics to information technology. To facilitate students with easy self-learning, here at Sci-Tech Guild we provide ample exposure to students by having them engaged in Exhibitions, Seminars, and Workshops at national and international levels. As a Trinitian, you will also be nurtured in a way that will help you build several projects and organize events yourself.


  • To disseminate scientific & technological knowledge
  • To arrange exhibitions, talk programs, sci-tech competitions, and awareness campaigns
  • To cover latest scientific developments through publication, media, or the Internet
  • To facilitate the research work of students

Computer Council
The Computer Council is open to all students who have a passion for, or interest in, information technology. This Club supports students to explore their ideas, and develop new skills related to computers and associated technologies.


  • To elaborate upon the scope of computer science and IT
  • To provide opportunities for understanding the various facets of IT
  • To develop software skills
  • To encourage the learning of computer graphics and web page designing
  • To organize regular competitions
  • To publish an IT based magazine

Social Service Society
The main motto of the Social Service Society is Get Together to Serve the Community. The Society is a voluntary organization where members meet regularly for social outings and to perform charitable work either by direct efforts or by raising funds for helping other organizations active in the sphere of social service.


  • To work for community development – students, neighbours, and society
  • To conduct social service campaigns
  • To help crisis-ridden people during natural calamities like floods
  • To assist the handicapped or the destitute
  • To impart education to children
  • To tackle malnutrition, disease, and exploitation

Youth Red Cross Circle
The main motto of the Youth Red Cross circle is Born to Serve. Known for its humanitarian commitment, the Youth Red Cross Circle usually has many student members. Trinity volunteers help needy or vulnerable people in their community through specific programs.


  • To establish itself as a common forum for the students who want to help people in trouble like flood victims or the physically disadvantaged
  • To conduct various campaigns within or outside the College like Blood Donation or First Aid programs

Performing Arts Troupe
Performing Arts Troupe advances performing arts like music, dance, and drama while our young artistes gain confidence to perform in front of live audiences. The troupe assists in development of their coordination and management skills, along with their creative abilities. It also conducts intra-college music competitions round the year.


  • To advance performing arts like music, dance, and drama
  • To tap student potential in both performing and plastic arts
  • To organize intra-college competitions

Sports, Yoga & Health Club
If a healthy mind does truly flourish in a healthy body, then the Sports, Yoga and Health Club ensures this for all students on campus. The Club plans and organizes various sports and athletic events round the year. It also encourages Trinitians to participate enthusiastically in inter college sports competitions.


  • To introduce healthy physical activities
  • To create interest in games and sports
  • To spread awareness about public health
  • To set up camps

Trinity A-Level Society
The chief purpose of the Trinity A-Level Society, a pivotal club, is to encourage, and organize, the participation of Cambridge Learners in various activities including inter-college A-Level competitions. The Society also aims at addressing the interests & needs of all our A-Level students.

  •  To encourage the organized participation of students in inter-A- Level competitions
  • To organize various intra-college and/or inter-college competitions among A-Level students
  • To provide opportunities for understanding the various facets of A Levels better
  • To address the interests of A-Level students
  • To develop leadership qualities among A-Level students

Trinity Alumni Association
Trinity has most happily constituted this Association along with a Fraternity and Sorority with alumni from the College. Our Alumni Association has been organized chapter-wise by country (ONLY for Nepal) and by continent (Asia [excluding Nepal], North America, Europe, Australia, South America, and Africa).


  • To organize social events
  • To publish newsletters & magazines
  • To raise funds for Trinity’s Service Clubs
  • To provide benefits & services that help alumni
  • To support new alumni
  • To foster new friendships and work relationships
  • To hold alumni reunions annually

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