Trinity International College

Teaching Methodology

Teaching & Learning

To tap student potential and maximize their performance, our experienced and dedicated faculty provides perfect learning opportunities that are modern, pragmatic & effective.

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Number of classes taught for each subject – weekly & annually

Student-Faculty Ratio

Entire syllabus taught in regular classes without omitting any topic




Well-planned and systematic lectures are the starting point for your studies. They help +2 students to assimilate subject knowledge and master core topics.




Sufficient practicals meet syllabi standards and handson learning needs. Lab classes & demonstrations familiarize students with science, technology, and management in real-life situations.




Opportunities to explore particular topics and to gain insight are given in seminars. They’re conducted by senior academics while students actively take part in the discussions.


Field Visits


Ample exposure & interaction enable students to improve their skills & master their subject areas. This transforms classroom teaching into concrete know-how.


Interactive Classes


Modern classroom technology such as multimedia presentations and audio-visuals are regularly used. This develops new ways of understanding that enhance student learning.




Regular homework co-related to classwork and course coverage is systematically assigned. Vacation homework keeps students academically engaged at home.


Project Work


Coursework knowledge is integrated with its application through project work. These are important learning activities for pursuing higher degrees or gaining workplace skills


Continuous Assessment


Term-wise evaluation is based on student performance in examinations. It also incorporates additional assessment of class tests, assignments, practicals, and attendance.






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